Established in 1975 Mutimak has adopted the principle of supporting the producers by selling the machines they need, at reasonable prices and payment terms.

MUTİMAK MAKİNA is a company that produces solutions and diversity in the fields of packaging and packaging machines.
Our company has a machine manufacturing to have started with the production of first vertical-automated packaging machines in 1975, with rapid product range genişletmiştir.paketl up and vacuums thermoform the request of our company is a pioneer in this industry-wafer and lavash line-stack makinelerini IN olduk.muti have added to our product range machine turkey MUTIMAK is proud to serve in the field of packaging solutions by seeing the quality of the machine and the expectation of its customers on everything.
Why is Mutimak different from other companies:
* Mutimak machine offers best service by using its own experience in accordance with customer's request
* First of all "we really do our job"
* We manufacture all our machines in our own world
* We are expanding our product range to do better in our business
* We use high technology
* We do not excuse the solution
* We are disciplined and programmed
* Each product sold is a follower and service and support over the years
It is our basic principle to make a difference for our customers to respond to our expectations from our products-our employees and the quality of our service
100% customer satisfaction MISSION

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